Production Team


Mari Edelman, wife of Ed Edelman, is the Producer, Writer and Director of “The Passions and Politics of Ed Edelman”.

This is the second of her films to be broadcast on PBS. Her first film, “Born to Teach,” chronicled the life of renowned cellist, Eleonore Schoenfeld, and aired on KCET from 2008-2011.

Mari is also a Clinical Psychologist and musician. She has served on the Clinical Faculty of the UCLA Geffen Medical School as an Assistant Clinical Professor in the Department of Psychiatry since 1980 and has maintained an involvement in music education as a cellist and pianist.

She is in development on a new documentary about the challenges of infirmity in the aging, with a special focus on the role of the caregiver, family and physician.


Narrated By
Tom Brokaw

Justin Miller
Hee-Jae Park
Nathan Cutietta
Mari Edelman

Additional Editing
Gordon Freeman
Oliver Shipley
Stephon Litwinczuk

Consulting Editor
Kate Amend, A.C.E.

Directing Consultant
Alicia Dwyer

Original Music By
Charles Bernstein

Music Performed By
Antonio Lysy, cello
Neal Stulberg, piano

Music Editors
Allegra De Souza
Joseph DeBeasi

Recording Engineers
Mehdi Hassine
Alberto Amendola

Sound Mixing
Joe Milner

Nathan Cutietta
Hee-Jae Park
Stephon Litwinczuk
John Dunham

Lyn Goldfarb
Bill Parent
Bruce Green
Raphael Sonenshein  
Gabor Kalman

Alison Sotomeyer
Kristin Lesko

Rights and Permissions
Susan Ricketts

Brad Champagne

Color Correction
Different By Design

Closed Captioning
Aberdeen Captioning

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UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs

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Kenneth Kleinberg
Aaron Egigian
Matthew Kallis
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